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. this as brand-new state department documents reveal ambassador chris stevens was in fact worried about security threats in the weeks before he and three others were killed on 9/11 of this year. we're live in banghazi, libya. greg, you delivered such a moving story last night in our special report about banghazi. tell us what's happening on the ground now there, please. >> yeah, thanks. it's been about 5 1/2 weeks on the attack in the u.s. mission which left ambassador stevens and three other americans dead. it's still a horrible place to see, and there's still more answers to be found out. we spent a good deal of time there in the past couple of days. the main residence is a burned-out shell. you can till smell the smoke from the diesel fuel fire set by the mob. you can still see the signs of desperation, blood spattered in a bathroom, handprints on a wall, the place ransacked. as to the answers to the remaining questions, a few possibilities. one eyewitness tells us that a mob marched to the compound the night of the attack, chanting bloodthirsty slogans before they attacked. that could be an
stevens sent repeated cable to washington about security fears, even on september 1-11, the day he and three others were killed. why did the white house wait so long? what impact will the new documents have in the final debate? >> they're going to impact the final result. certainly it will be part of the final debate. look, now -- the president wants to play semantics on this, whether you put a word here or word there. fundamentally the mistake this administration made was trying to pretend and tell the world that terrorism was quelled in north africa and across the dangerous spots of the world. it's rampant and reared its ugly head and the administration is trying to hide that. when poor embassador stevens sent cables saying it's real, it's here, they shoved him under the table. shame on the president and shame on the state department. >> can we expect mitt romney to be aggressive about the benghazi it attack and ask about the video? >> i don't know what he's going to ask him but i will say he was kind of shocked when the president lied about having referred to the attack at a rea
for the death of embassador chris stevens. the house oversight committee launches a new effort to learn more about the attack on september 11 in libya issuing a peen subpoena for the man to led the security team at the consulate. good morning, it's great to have you here. a busy news day. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn, good morning on this sunday morning. the white house admitted the killing of chris stevens and three others was as a result of a preplanned terrorist he attack. as the investigation continues, few details have emerged about the intelligence we had before the tragic events and about the exact security details. for more on this, u.s. embassador john bolton, former embassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. >> good morning, eric. >> what did you expect the house subcommittee could learn? >> it's important to get the background to what was going on before the september 11 attack and to ask some pretty basic questions, like what intelligence about security in benghazi and tripoli for that matter was the state department seeking? what
a mile away asked for permission to help ambassador chris stevens there and they were told to stand down twice. they ignored those orders and they went anyway by the time they got there the compound was under fire. it was on fire, as well. they evacuated those who remained. they went back to the annex. they then requested military back-up. they were denied. hours later when it was all over former navy seals woods and glen doherty and sean smith and chris stevens all were dead. the president was asked about all of this. molly henneberg is live in washington with that part of the story. >> molly: he was asked twice about it. three pleas for help being denied as the embassy was under attack. he didn't answer directly but did say his administration is trying to find out what happened that day and also track down the people who carried out the attack. >> nobody wants to find out more what happened than i do. we wanted to to make sure we get it right. particularly i have made commitment to the families as well as the american people. we're going to bring those folks to justice. we'll gather fa
chris stevens asking for more security -- >> the republicans voted against the additional security. look, i think there is only the president has been taking this seriously. have you republicans who did a document dump, putting lives at risk. i think the american people are going to watch the debate and say, which candidate has a thoughtful, serious approach to really difficult foreign policy questions, which one is saying whatever he's for, i'm against. i am for this, but not later on. i am going to flip flop on a variety of issues and on some issues, i don't have a difference but i am going to say i'm against him because it's a political campaign. >> eric: marjorie said, quote, only the president is sake taking this seriously. do you buy that? >> mitt romney is also taking this seriously. it is not playing politics to hole the president and the state department accountable for the conduct of foreign policy. it is not playing politics to hold the president and the state department responsible for a lack of security, when security was requested for ambassador stevens and we have the firs
this is brand-new state department documents revealed that ambassador stevens was deeply worried about security threats in the weeks and days before americans were killed. here is more on breaking details >> ambassador stevens and three other americans are dead. there are a lot of questions to be answered. we saw a good deal of activity in the compound. its burned out shell. you can still smell smoke. a blood -- hand prints on the wall. place ransacked. as for those questions. one credible witness, they chanted bloodthirsty slogans before the attack. there was protest first. we are told it was multipronged and frankly we did not see a lot of evidence of that. we did see defenses that prove to be minimal. we are told various member groups were denying overall responsibility. one former militia leader we spoke to -- we counted as many five cameras around the compound the images could prove to be very revealing. >> gregg: we apologize. greg palkot one of the very few reporters has been able to make his way that benghazi. he is streaming live. obviously a lot of video and audio inter
? steven yates is former deputy assistant for national security affairs. great to see you. what are the chances that iran would actually capitulate to western demands by suspending the production of 20% uranium if you spin it a bit more could be used to make a nuclear bomb? >> gregg, i'm afraid what it sounds like the pieces of deal that were reported by the "new york times," basically the leftovers have more than ten years of negotiations with europe and united states and the u.n. security council. i don't feel there is lot new there. it's been offered and taken back and there is verification problems if you accept the deal. for me i don't see much of a change. if they are facing a great deal of pressure, there is a strategic choice do you make a deal with crumbling regime or do you have to have a strategy to see beyond the regime. >> gregg: iranians have 18, 20 sites, those are ones we know about and bunch under ground. a lot of this could still be hidden from nuclear inspectors. they could continue their uranium enrichment production capacity what would be an elaborate shell
of september 11 with embassador stevens and three others kills. the answer she's getting to have a couple f.b.i. agents and somebody from a u.s. attorney's office call and tougher answer questions is incredible. >> she said she met with president obama saying she cried on his shoulder and leon panetta held her face in his hands and said they would tell her the truth and she's saying the government is lying. >> there are only two explanations. one is that there's a coverup going on for political reasons and i think that's a view that's increasingly widespread among the american people. the other is ideology prevents the president even to this day and many in his administration from processing reality from seeing anything that's different different from their world view. it's not that the intelligence is not coming in. it's there there's a screen over their consciousness. they can't understand what is actually happening in libya and the threats we face. i find that more disturbing than a coverup. at least with a coverup, they know the true. if it's ideology we're in danger if the president ge
by the republican lawmakers the late ambassador chris stevens medal several attempts to alert u.s. authorities to increasing unrest and violence in benghazi. three other americans were killed in that attack. coming up tomorrow, bret baier takes a look at the breakdown in security in his new special "death & deceit in benghazi." that is this sunday, tomorrow, the 21st, starting at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. then again at 10:00 p.m. eastern. only on the fox news channel. >> juliet: interesting. new developments in the secret service prostitution scand that erupted as you recall in april. congressman reacting to administration that the testimony may not match up with what happened. peter doocy has more from washington. >> mark sullivan testified in may none of the women involved in his agency's prostitution scandal had connections to criminal activity, but now we know it might not be true. the intelligence community says one of the women is still of concern. this is coming out now. because the inspector general of the department of homeland security put together internal report about the scandal. th
in benghazi, when the consulate was attacked on september 11th. killing the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens and three others. wood has been subpoenaed to appear at next week's house committee hearing on the attack, and the rest of the witness list is not yet complete. >> arthel: a radical islamic cleric and four other terror suspects making their first u.s. court appearance hours after arriving on a flight from london. they spent years unsuccessfully fighting their extradition. and the suspect seen here in court sketches, some pleading not guilty to a string of charges including the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in africa, al-masri refusing to enter a plea, accused of conspiring to set up a terror training camp in oregon and helping with the abduction of 16 people in yemen, and, two others arraigned on providing equipment to terrorists in afghanistan and chechn chechnya. >> rick: a number of afghan soldiers attacking nato soldiers is on the rise but to troops on the ground the green on blue attacks as they are called are much more complicated than a appear in reports. fox news senior military
what message does it send to those no risk their lives to serve america? steven yates is a deputy assistant to dick cheney for national security affairs. steven, good to see you. by saying the words, quote, will never achieve perfect security, is secretary clinton implying that the murders in benghazi would have happened even if her department had agreed to the many requests for more security there? >> i do believe, gregg, she is putting a bit of a false choice or straw man argument. perfection is not what people are calling in here. it's whether reasonable measures for adequate security had been given due consideration. it comes down to management of resources. not the question can you stop all violence coming your waying. >>. >> gregg: they were asked about management of resources. state department admitted under oath, yes, we did turn down repeated requests for more protection in benghazi, when they were asked why. they said, well, there is no evidence that more security would have stopped the attack. does that make sense to you? >> i find that astonishing, frankly. it's a trag
prepared. why were requests for additional security from ambassador stevens denied. why did they blame it on a video when they knew in real time this was a coordinated terrorist attack. why do we have four dead americans right now and no plan it seems like us you to do anything about it and the biggest issue, shannon is we are learning in the last couple of days that the president said that he dave orders to do everything they could have gave orders to do sering they could to protect those americans when they came under attack. and yet they didn't get the help. and now secretary panetta says he refused the help. is the president mistaken or did the secretary fail to carry out an order? this is a serious question. the president ought to come clean on this and be he transparent and have a press conference and answer questions if he wants to be the commander if chief. that is the issue. it is about leadership and about trust. >> shannon: sir, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the folks in the commonwealth as you brace for the storm and along the east coast as well. thanks for taki
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)